Lollipops isn't just a soft play cafe, we are an ice cream parlour too ice cream sundae

Lollipops is hugely proud to serve Churchfields Ice cream. Not only is it award winning yummy scrummy ice cream but it is product of my family farm in Worcestershire. The farm diversified into making luxury ice cream in 2004 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Churchfields is committed to producing quality ice cream and is accredited by SALSA, a food safety standard for a medium sized business. They recognize that healthy cows are happy cows and always kept happy and warm so that they produce only the best quality milk to go into the ice cream. Finally they are proud to be a family business and are passionate about keeping the farm alive for theirs (and my) children to enjoy in the future. That is why I am so pleased to support my family and introduce this delicious product to the town of Bournemouth


Ice cream conesice cream cone

Teddy Bear Treat £1.20

Sugar Cone £1.80

Add a delicious topping 30p each

Smarties, Marshmallows, Crushed cookies, Whipped cream, Caramel/chocolate/strawberry sauce, Hundreds & Thousands, Fudge Pieces and Flakes

ice cream photos

Ice cream sundae buckets

ice cream cone

Lollipops speciality – each sundae comes with a large scoop of ice cream and is served in a bucket with spade which you can take home!"

The ‘Lolli popper’

Our bespoke Lolli'POP' ice cream, whipped cream, popping candy sprinkles and a lollipop

Cookie Monster

Chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream, crushed cookie pieces and marshmallows

Berry Good

Strawberry ice cream with whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Smartie Party

Vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate sauce, sprinkles and smarties

Caramel chew

Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, fudge pieces and caramel sauce

Create your Own

Choose an ice cream flavour, sauce and 2 toppings and have it your way